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The forerunners of plate & shell heat exchanger technology

Vahterus Oy is the original inventor and pioneer of Plate and Shell Heat Exchanger technology. PSHE combines the high heat transfer capabilities of plate heat exchangers and pressure capabilities of Shell and Tube heat exchangers. Since 1990, Vahterus have been working to design,manufacture and deliver the most compact and cost effective solutions to the clients in many sectors and applications.

PSHE can be described as a fully welded, high integrity plate heat exchanger, with no gaskets or a generic alternative to shell and tube heat exchangers utilising only 25% of the footprint. The direct benefits are reduction in space requirements and weight.

Compact and low weight
• Vahterus PSHE can give the same performance as a shell and tube in only a quarter of the space, thus being an ideal solution for an example on FPSOs, where PSHE can offer a significant space and weight savings.

Strong and safe construction
• The fully welded concept ensures the safety of the product. The internal plate pack is housed in a robust pressure vessel, offering protection to surrounding environment and operating personnel.

Minimal maintenance requirements
• Inside PSHE there are no moving or replaceable parts, hence reducing maintenance requirements. The turbulent flow across the plate surface acts as a self-cleaning mechanism, which eliminates fouling effect.

Low fouling
• Turbulent flow between heat transfer plates generates high sheer stress forces on the surface, thus flushing away any potential particles before any fouling occurs.

High Temperature Ranges
• Between -196°C to + 600°C are possible.

High Pressure Rating
• Up to 150 bar.
• Pressures above 150 bar are possible on special request.


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